Africa Knows! It is time to decolonise minds

Panel D22 (0 video; 8 papers, 4 withpdf files)

Title of panel:

Disciplinary trends in Africa: legal and socio-legal studies

Marieke van Winden (conference organiser, African Studies Centre Leiden);
Carolien Jacobs (Leiden University);
Nadia Sonneveld (Van Vollenhoven Institute for Law, Governance and Society, Leiden Law School);
Ata Akpojiyovbi.

Stream: D: Cases of regional and disciplinary specifics
Start time: 25 January, 2021 at 13:30 (UTC+1)
Session slots: 3

Long abstract:
Africa's societies are shaped by high degrees of legal pluralism. State law, customary law, and religious law all have their own sources of normative ordering, and their own history of being and becoming in Africa. People consciously or unconsciously navigate between these different normative orders on a daily basis. In addition to state and sub-state normative orders, in today's globalizing world people are increasingly confronted with supranational and transnational normative orders, for instance through trade agreements, migration, or the privatization of security. What can our globalizing world learn from ways in which people in Africa navigate situations of legal pluralism? This panel invites papers that provide insights into ways in which in African societies different sources of normative ordering (co)exist or interact and how people navigate this plurality, showing how the law works and is experienced from the bottom-up. The panel also invites papers that deal with the ways African universities integrate these different legal perspectives in teaching and research [coordination: VVI Leiden, and others TBC].

8 Accepted papers:
1 no pdf file present The internalization of international human rights and development agenda on traditional cultural practices in Kenya

2 pdf file present Navigating customary law in the formal courts: perspectives from South Africa

3 pdf file present The diplomatic role of Traditional Authorities and shared norms in the resolution of electoral conflict in Africa

4 pdf file present The resilience of traditional legal systems in addressing social injustice in Kenya

5 no pdf file present Dispute resolution, domestic violence, and divorce: navigating legal pluralism in Senegal

6 no pdf file present What is 'law' in Africa? Africa and Europe and the relational dynamics of knowledge

7 pdf file present What law for what development in Africa in the 21st Century?

8 no pdf file present Towards decolonizing criminal justice: a critique of the decolonial credentials of indigenous restorative justice mechanisms in Africa

* This conference took place from December 2020 to February 2021 *
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