Africa Knows! It is time to decolonise minds

Panel E33 (1 video; 4 papers, 3 withpdf files)

Title of panel:

Decolonizing the academe in 'red areas', with a focus on the Great Lakes region
[initiated by ISS]

Marieke van Winden (conference organiser, African Studies Centre Leiden);
Dorothea Hilhorst (Erasmus University Rotterdam).

Stream: E: Transdisciplinary debates
Start time: 4 February, 2021 at 10:00 (UTC+1)
Session slots: 1

Long abstract:
This panel deals with doing research in 'dangerous areas' in Africa, areas regarded as 'red zones' on the maps of Foreign Affairs departments of European countries: 'no-go zones'. The Great Lakes Region has (had) many of these 'red areas'. Local universities in or near these areas are often functioning in very difficult circumstances, and 'fieldwork' is often regarded as 'not possible'. Moreover, foreign researchers are often discouraged (or forbidden) to do research there. Those who do are confronted with many ethical dilemmas. Those who want to contribute to decolonizing the academe in these 'conflict-affected areas' often struggle with the fact that research is frequently more unequal and less participatory than elsewhere, as people use arguments of access and security to dismiss such ethical concerns. What are the experiences with countering this predicament?

4 Accepted papers:
1 pdf file present Research in 'red areas' - voice for the voiceless or the patron-client relationship?

2 pdf file present A discourse-oriented linguistic study on conceptualizations of hospitality in Northern Uganda: anticipating challenges and obstacles in a (post-)conflict setting

3 pdf file present La recherche dans les 'zones rouges' au Burkina Faso

4 no pdf file present Decolonizing the academe in 'red areas'

* This conference took place from December 2020 to February 2021 *
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